Do you know what role led line light source has?


    led line light is a green light source, LED lights DC drive no strobe; no infrared and ultraviolet components, no radiation pollution, high colour rendering and has a strong luminous directionality; good dimming performance, colour temperature changes will not produce visual errors; cold light source low heat, can be safe to touch. It can provide a comfortable light space, but also well meet the needs of human physiological health, is to protect the eyesight and environmental health light source.


Compared with incandescent and fluorescent lamps, LED line lights are a cold light source and their power saving efficiency can reach more than 80%. In the same brightness, its power consumption is only 10% of that of ordinary incandescent evening fluorescent lamps. If LED lamps and lanterns to replace 50% of the traditional lighting fixtures, the annual domestic savings in electricity is equivalent to a Three Gorges power station power generation, its energy-saving benefits are very considerable.


LED line light service life is not can be calculated by mathematical multiplication and division, the use of incorrect way will also accelerate the light decay time. There is also the process of installation in the installer will often want to save installation time and installation convenience, in the lamps and lanterns power supply is not in accordance with the manufacturers know the number of LED line light joint installation, are often overload the number of series connected lamps and lanterns, resulting in LED line light voltage and current instability and other serious damage to the life of the LED line light behavior. General outdoor LED line light service life will be in 2-3 years mostly, some can reach five or six years, just the more years of time, LED line light brightness will be lower.

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