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Step1: Check the AC input terminal block, make sure UA(L), SA, N, both side connect well and correct, no wires loose out.

Step2: Check AC input connector on driver , make sure connect well with driver

Step3: Check SMD connectors on LED strip board, make sure firmed and wires connect well

Step4: Sensor version fitting , please make sure sensor 7,8 DIP switch are not on.

Step5: Driver failed, replace the driver.

Step1: check the connection and detection between the test panel and driver well 

Step2: Test panel failed, replace the test panel. 

Step1: Check the white wires between two LED strips 

Step1: Check if have any interference source surrounding, try to turn lower than the sensitivity of sensor by 1,2 DIP switch

Step2: Check the sensor DIP switch ,make sure 5,6 DIP switch are not off
Step3: Check wire connect well between driver and sensor

Step4: Sensor failed, replace the sensor

Step5: Driver is failed, replace the driver

Step1:  Replace the sensor

Step2:  Driver failed, replace the driver

Step1:  Check the surrounding, lower the sensitivity of sensor
Step2:  Sensor failed, replace the sensor

Step1:  Make sure the fitting have been charged several hours

Step2:  Check the wires between the battery and driver connected well

Step3:  Check the indicators state , if the charge indicators(RED indicator) is always off, drive or inverter failed,replace the driver or inverter   

Step4:  Check the battery voltage whether in normal range( Li battery 5-7.3V, NI-CD/Ni-MH battery 10-13.5V),if our of these range,battery failed, replace the battery, make sure duration between manufacture date and installation & power date less than 6 months

Step1: Make sure the fitting have been charged continuously more than 24hs

Step2: Check emergency watts setting, make sure the setting was match with battery capacity

Step3: Fitting have been used several years , battery natural decay, replace the battery

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