How to grasp the need for quality in LED line lighting?


In our do outdoor lighting project, choose suitable lighting lamps and lanterns is particularly important, especially at the moment with led line lights and led wall washer lights these two products, basically every city building lighting project are to be used.




1, choose a suitable led line light way; from the line light shell aluminum, when we take the lamps and lanterns in hand, will see the appearance of this shell and how the details of disposal, especially the shell of spray colour, there is a good product, spray colour detail disposal is also better, and the weight of the shell, shell weight resolution product price, the heavier the aluminum shell, the higher the price, do cheap manufacturers generally choose a very thin shell, in order to save The cost, and the colour disposal details of the shell profile will not be very detailed.



2, choose a suitable led line light way; from the line light butt wiring to look at, lamps and lanterns we get our hands on, the first look at the shell, look at the shell we next look at both sides of the butt wiring, good butt wiring is to take the national standard rubber waterproof line, and inside is a copper head solid needle, the wire can be high temperature resistant anti-erosion easy to install. And cheap plugs are PVC lines, get received texture and details are more than clumsy, inside the needle are silver-plated, but also not as resistant to concave and convex temperature, its waterproof results are very far from.



3, choose suitable led line light way; from the line light PC cover or glass, as the market led line light with PC cover and with glass two. PC cover we have to look at its thickness and luminous results, excellent PC cover is color friend import material, its light transmission result is better than force, will not have black spot, generally recommended to take dispersion cover. The poor PC cover, light transmission out will have some small black spots, and the material is very frivolous, this kind of material is mostly taken second-hand material made. In outdoor use for a long time, it is easy to crack. Glass words to see its thickness.




4, choose a suitable led line light way; from the line light glue, at first led line light glue there are several, there are transparent silicone and transparent resin and PU glue three kinds of conventional, at the moment often use is silicone and PU two, resin at the moment few people use. The price of silicone and PU glue are different, the market price of PU glue than the price of silicone to be more expensive, PU glue has beige, brown, transparent three. PU glue is generally used in line lights is beige and transparent two. PU glue and aluminum paste sex is better, waterproof results are also good, can be resistant to bump temperature. And silicone? It is slightly worse than the aluminum adhesion, and silicone itself with a little acidic alkaline, so the use of silicone lamp beads above all to have a lens, afraid of the impact on the lamp beads. And the production of silicone manufacturers, the price varies.




5, choose a suitable led line light way, from the line light source and inside the circuit board material, we look at the parameters from the manufacturer to me. A good led line light manufacturers to your quotation and contract above the parameters of the lamps and lanterns are written very clearly. According to our current process, we first confirm with the customer to use the scene, corresponding to the needs of the scene customized to put the lighting effect, combined with the customer's needs and budget to give a specific program, and then finally confirm the light accessories and specifications. So how can you choose a good quality led line light, which should be combined with the scene, in order to ensure the life of the security at the same time, is the main.



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