• IP65 LED vapor proof fixture
  • IP65 LED vapor proof fixture
  • IP65 LED vapor proof fixture
  • IP65 LED vapor proof fixture
  • IP65 LED vapor proof fixture
  • IP65 LED vapor proof fixture
IP65 LED vapor proof fixture
◆Adopt high-grade PC base and PC cover fitting 
◆Good quality seal for better waterproof,IP65 protection rate 
◆Surface mounted or hanging installation option
◆Using high brightness SMD2835 led chips as light source
◆Emergency function,battery with special housing,quick maintenance the battery(option)
◆High luminous efficiency 110-130 lm/w
◆Adopt high quality LED constant driver  
◆Available in 2ft 18-20W,4 ft 36-40W and 5ft 44-50W
◆Approved by CE ROHS SAA and C-tick(RCM) 
◆3 years warranty
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LED vapor proof fixture 

This product is a LED vapor proof luminaire(options: with microwave sensor or emergency backup battery),adopts high-grade PC base and PC cover,good quality seal for better waterproof,Ideal product for replacing traditional fluorescent tube lights fixtures.The LED batten linear light widely used in tunnel,Rail-way/ Metro station, Supermarket,stair well, corridor,evacuation passage especially parking lots, venues,ships and other basements.

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 Product details

 ◆Adopt high diffusion PC cover,contains Anti-UV material

 ◆High transmittance(86%) PC diffuser

 SMD2835 High luminous efficiency 110-130lm/w,high CRI>83

 ◆5.8G High Sensitivity Microwave Sensor with multi-parameters setting options.
    Adopt plug and play connection,easy for maintenance(option)

 ◆Clip-fixed Driver,easy replacement and maintenance

 ◆Plug and play connection,Isolate driver,flicker free

 ◆Huge terminal block(hole size 5.0mm) for easy wiring

 ◆Dual Power Setting Dip Switch :1 Luminaire can be set at full power 100% or Economy Mode 50%

 3000 mAh Lithium battery,emergency time >3 hours.Special housing for quick battery  replacement(option)

led triproof light.png

emergency led triproof light.png



                                                   led waterproof batten.jpg

Packing Specification 

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